Body Image Studios

Silicone Blend with Extreme DermaDark Bronzers

25th Dimension Black Onyx Bronzer - Silicone Blend

Mineral Based Energizing Intensifier


DermaDark Blend

20x Bronzing

Body Silk

Mega Magical Silicone

Dark Tanning Intensifier

25x Black Label Private Reserve Bronzing Solar Silicone

16x Bronzing Body Silk

21x Bronzers 

Melaboost HD

Melaboost HD

Dark Tan Booster

Luxurious Intensifer

Dark Tan Builder

15x Bronzers

Dark Tan Booster

Vitamin D Enriched

Mega Advanced Maximum Bronzer

10th Dimension Bronzer with Fast Acting Color Surge Technology

15x Bronzers

Dark Tan Booster

T45 Extreme 

Tingle Power


Platinum U.V. Teeth Whitening

(Whiten your teeth while you tan!)

**We also carry a line of Hypoallergenic, 98% Natural Ingredient, and Paraben Free Lotions


Monthly Tanning.....


                     as low as


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